iPhone 5 Giveaway Release Date

A lot of rumors going around about the release of the iPhone 5S, which is rumored to be out around late September. Come back soon as we will be covering every detail to offer over the new iPhone as it’s released. And as always, check for special offers on this Tumblr site for a free iPhone giveaway once it hits shelves!

Inside information from different sources in the supply chain say that the iPhone 5S is set to get a slight speed increase over the iPhone 5’s processor. It is also reported that the front facing camera will be upgraded to a 720p face time camera, while having a minor spec bump the the rear facing camera. Also upgrades most likely include more storage, more RAM, and possibly in different colors (red, blue, green, etc).

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The biggest rumor regarding the new iPhone 5 giveaway is that it MAY include a fingerprint sensor and NPC payment chip inside. This will allow iPhone users to “wave” their iPhone across a payment pad that reads the NPC chip in the phone and let’s users pay without ever pulling out their wallet.
The fingerprint chip would also be an “must-have”, since anyone losing their phone with the NPC chip enabled inside will be prone to having their bank accounts drained without extra security.

Recent News On A Free iPhone 5 Giveaway

MacRumors.com reports that the most likely time frame for the iPhone 5S release is somewhere around June/July, with a slightly later release for the “lower cost” iPhone that is also set to debut this year. Check back with us then for your iPhone 5 giveaway free offer, with no credit card number needed! http://freeiphonegiveaways.blogspot.com/


Previous iPhone 5 Specifications

Some of the specifications of the free iPhone 5 giveaway include:
- A bigger screen
- Dual core processor
- New graphics processor, to handle the increased on-screen graphics handling
- 32 GB standard storage, with upgrades to 64 GB and even 128 GB.
- White and black included at launch on the iPhone 5
- All new iOS 6, includes new user interface in some parts of the OS as well as new and less intrusive notifications.

A long with all of that, the iPhone 5 is said to carry some aesthetic upgrades, such as being thinner and possibly lighter. The thinner form factor will include a “candy bar” design, much like the iPhone 4. All this while being able to include newer processing capabilities. Reserve your free iPhone 4 or 5 giveaway today to lock in your spot in the next generation of smart phones.

Older Free iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Posts:

Apple announced their new iPhone 4S, which was released in October — reserve your free iPhone 4S or free iPhone 5 today, no credit card required! There wasn’t a teardrop redesign as many had hoped for, as the 4S looks the same as the original iPhone 4 on the outside. It is a different phone on the inside though, as most specs got a major bump in storage or speed!